Educational and volunteering Programme Joshua

Young people are being talked about a lot these days, people pass judgment on them easily… We look at them with great hope and often undisguised admiration. In many cases, enormous potential only awaits its release. All you have to do is create the conditions for this and the great goodness shines through! This is exactly the purpose of Joshua, the Sue Ryder Foundation’s original programme. We will use it to teach and organise volunteer work. For the common good.

Together for a good cause

Sue Ryder knew how to win people over, she was always surrounded by a group of dedicated associates. This spirit remained in the Foundation, also in the form of voluntary work. It is a special kind of support in which competence, time and heart are offered. The Sue Ryder Foundation offers a few kinds of volunteering, among others, employee-based – dedicated to companies, competence-based – where one can share one’s knowledge, and addressed to schools – as part of the Joshua programme.


We will cooperate with school volunteering groups by organising workshops about selflessness, charity and empathy. Children and teenagers will be able to get to know Sue Ryder and feel the spirit of her ideas thanks to the Joshua truck, which was used by Sue for many years to transport (personally!) donations from England to Poland. The truck will be a real time machine and will convey the values of the Foundation in a very attractive way. We just have to renovate this car, which in itself will be a huge social and fundraising undertaking.


Volunteers from the Joshua programme will be able to get a firsthand experience of what acting for the benefit of another person is. We will organise, among others, concerts and charity cafés, actions with a donation station and meetings with seniors in the Thirteen – Intergenerational Activity Centre.


If Joshua sounds like a plan for you and/or your school, please contact us. More people, more goodness!

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