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"Tell me your story"

That’s how Sue Ryder started her meetings with newly-met people. We hope that we will also be able to address you using these words. But before this happens, we will introduce the Foundation to you, tell you about Sue Ryder, show you how we operate. Welcome to the Sue Ryder Foundation website!

A philanthropist, a great friend of Poland

She was a remarkable British charity activist, conducting her activities all over the world. She established an international foundation in tribute to the victims of World War II. Apart from her activity during the war, Sue Ryder helped at least 500 thousand people of over 50 nationalities.

There is a lot to tell about her

It was 1956 when Sue Ryder came to Poland with her mission. She built nursing homes, supported veterans, death camp survivors and many others who needed help. This is how she laid the foundation for her crowning accomplishment, which in 1991 was officially called the Sue Ryder Foundation.


beginning of the Sue Ryder Foundation’s activity in Poland


nursing homes founded by Sue Ryder in Poland


charity shops run in Poland


% of the profits generated by the shops that go to the statutory purposes

Recent Foundation projects

Fundacja Sue Ryder - Rozwój sklepów charytatywnych Sue Ryder

Expansion of Sue Ryder charity shops

The first Sue Ryder charity shop was established in 1992 – it was founded personally by Sue. For nearly 30 years we have learnt a lot: how to cooperate with donors, maintain…
Fundacja Sue Ryder - Centrum Aktywności Międzypokoleniowej "Trzynastka"

Thirteen – Intergenerational Activity Centre

We create a modern activity space at ul. Bagatela 13 (hence the name) in Warsaw. The premises are already leased from the city…
Fundacja Sue Ryder - Program edukacyjno-wolontaryjny „Joshua” dla szkół

Joshua educational and volunteering programme for schools

Sue Ryder knew how to win people over, she was always surrounded by a group of dedicated associates. That spirit has endured…

Contribute to what you value

Do you like what we do? Join the group of donors of the Sue Ryder Foundation! You will help seniors, the sick, disabled and excluded. And you will lift us, the Foundation, up. We will do better with you. In every way.

More people, more goodness

Are the Ideals of Sue Ryder close to your heart? Do you want to get involved? Do you see yourself as a volunteer? There is no need to wait, someone needs to spread the good. Write to us or call us and become a volunteer of the Sue Ryder Foundation!


The Foundation undertakes many activities as part of extensive partnerships. We cooperate with units at the ministerial and local government level, with business and other non-governmental organisations. We enjoy the trust of many entities, which often support us for many years.