"Thirteen” Intergenerational Activity Centre

Imagine a place at the boundary of Mokotów and Śródmieście in Warsaw. It is large (let’s say 320 square metres), very functional and brimming with people. Some people read in the library, others learn to dance or play board games, some of them bake cakes and organise a party. A meeting of the Sue Ryder Foundation volunteers takes place upstairs, and in the largest room representatives of other senior organisations work on their projects. No one has to pay for being here. Sounds nice, right? And this is just the beginning of “Thirteen”!

Tailored to great needs

We create a modern activity space for seniors at ul. Bagatela 13 (hence the name) in Warsaw. The premises are already rented from the city, the Foundation has the support of the local community and other organisations focused on senior citizens. Of course, the place will be free of charge for users.


The created space is to integrate, educate, give a sense of community and sense of being validated. Through numerous activities, the Centre is to involve citizens in public life as widely as possible. This applies especially to seniors, but not only. The Thirteen community will welcome the whole local community from the area around Bagatela street and Unii Lubelskiej Square. Even more: we will invite all those interested!


The premises at ul. Bagatela 13 will also be the base for the organisation of Sue Ryder MED care services, offered in retirement homes. “Thirteen” will also be the centre for the volunteers of the Foundation.


An important part of the activity of the “Thirteen” programme is to create a hub for other non-governmental organisations focused on the senior issues in the Centre. They will be provided with a place and equipment for their own activities free of charge. In this sense “Thirteen” will go far beyond the local scale – the impact of the Centre will be much greater than in the case of activities undertaken exclusively by the Sue Ryder Foundation itself.


The Intergenerational Activity Centre will be launched in 2021. It still has to be renovated and equipped. Would you like to contribute to the creation of “Thirteen”? Call us or write to us!

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