On the way

More than 60 years of history, a total of 30 nursing homes and hospices, several thousand people under care, long-term partnerships, tens of millions of zlotys donated to support the elderly, the sick, the excluded – this is the Sue Ryder Foundation.

We take pride in our history, it’s worth sharing. But we know very well that those who stagnate take a step backwards. That is why we do not dwell on the past too much, we focus our attention on what is happening now. We operate both within permanent programmes and temporary projects. They have one thing in common: help. We take further actions, giving a chance to support as many people as possible.

Currently we are building, among others, the Thirteen – Intergenerational Activity Centre. It will activate the old and the young, creating an amazing space for comprehensive integration. Also, it will be a place to work for other non-governmental organisations . We are also in the process of creating an educational and volunteering programme Joshua, dedicated to students from primary and secondary schools. We will tell stories about Sue Ryder, talk about selflessness, meet at Thirteen and take care of people in need. Keep on going!

Fundacja Sue Ryder - Rozwój sklepów charytatywnych Sue Ryder

Expansion of Sue Ryder charity shops

Charity shops remain the most important source of income for the Foundation. It is thanks to the generosity of donors and purchases of our clients…
Fundacja Sue Ryder - Centrum Aktywności Międzypokoleniowej "Trzynastka"

Thirteen – Intergenerational Activity Centre

We create a modern activity space at ul. Bagatela 13 (hence the name) in Warsaw. The premises are already leased from the city…
Fundacja Sue Ryder - Program edukacyjno-wolontaryjny „Joshua” dla szkół

Joshua educational and volunteering programme for schools

Sue Ryder knew how to win people over, she was always surrounded by a group of dedicated associates. That spirit has endured…
Fundacja Sue Ryder - Corporate social responsibility, czyli programy dla firm

Corporate social responsibility – programmes for companies

Corporate social responsibility is already well established in the Polish reality. Companies, their surroundings, public opinion, the media…
Fundacja Sue Ryder - Kapitał żelazny dla stabilnego działania Fundacji Sue Ryder

Endowment capital for the stable operation of the Sue Ryder Foundation

NGOs are largely subject to the same rules as the business sector. In order to act effectively…