Corporate social responsibility - programmes for companies

How to make CSR more than just a phrase, but a real commitment of business to social issues? How to avoid focusing solely on sponsorship? And why should companies – after all, profit oriented – do something charitable? Some say, it is about PR. But in fact, it is about values. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes it takes the right place and sometimes a partner to discover it. Most often you need everything at once. At the Sue Ryder Foundation we have answers to many questions and doubts about CSR.

Long-term cooperation

Corporate social responsibility is already well established in the Polish reality. Companies, their surroundings, public opinion, the media – all are well aware of the importance of activities aimed not only at profit. However, numerous conversations with business representatives indicate that it is a serious issue to find organisations that think about cooperation along the lines of CSR in a broad perspective. It is here that cooperation turns out to be the key, since many foundations or associations are solely focused on raising funds making use of CSR.


At the Sue Ryder Foundation we think about it differently. Therefore, we deliberately talk about CSR programmes, not projects. We are interested in long-term cooperation, for many years, not a commitment locked within a specific frame. We focus on the exchange of time, knowledge, experience and space. And so, we have workshops, meetings about Sue Ryder or exhibitions on our Foundation’s “CSR list”. We plan volunteering (and social!) activities at the Thirteen – Intergenerational Activity Centre and various activities with children and youth within the Joshua programme.


Experience has taught us that flexibility is very important in CSR undertakings. Therefore, we are always ready to come up with new solutions. We are there to connect. For good.


Are you interested in taking up CSR with the Sue Ryder Foundation? Let us know, we will certainly create something good together!

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