First Step Fund

The First Step Fund is an aid programme for persons that suffered of spine damage and are paralysed as a result of a jump to water, a road, construction or another accident.
Persons that receive a grant from the Fund have a chance to become more self-reliant, e.g. by creating some improvements in their everyday life or their own work station. By providing its support, the Fund helps them come back to normal life and make the “first step” to achieve their plans and needs.

Grants are awarded by the Sue Ryder Foundation through competition. A decision on awarding a grant is taken by a commission composed of representatives of the Sue Ryder Foundation depending on the amount of funds in the Fund’s account.
Funds of up to PLN 4,5000 may be used, among others, for the purchase of hardware and software, training, course, the purchase of rehabilitation or specialised equipment and the adjustment of an apartment or the liquidation of architectonic barriers in the applicant’s apartment. Aid from the First Step Fund are mainly addressed to those persons that are not able to obtain funding or aid from other sources like: Care Centres, County Family Aid Centres, Polish Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled, and other foundations.

Initially, only young people could apply for funding. At present, an age barrier has been abolished. A person interested or such a person’s guardian should gather all necessary documents (including, without limitation, a certificate of disability, a description of an accident, a certificate of financial position) and submit them together with an application to the Sue Ryder Foundation.
What is important, persons that apply for aid to our Fund usually become our permanent charges. We are interested in their life and try to help them as much as possible.

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    Fundacja Sue Ryder

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    Nr konta EUR: 29 1030 0019 0109 7806 0105 9673

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