Do you need help?

Anyone that needs help for himself or his close persons should firstly request for support, for example, at the Municipal Care Centre or another state entity that is located near his place of residence.

On the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy [/mark] there is precious information about for example:

  • applicable legal acts
  • document forms
  • lists of addresses and telephone numbers of social policy departments, provincial offices, regional care centres, county family aid centres and aid units
  • compendiums for example for the disabled.

It is also worth visiting the website of the Polish Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled

The best way is to contact and describe your situation to a selected institution by phone or e-mail. This will let you save your time and make sure that you are entitled to apply for a given institution for aid.

Information about necessary documents are published on the institutions’ websites. Employees of those institutions also give information by phone.
The Sue Ryder Foundation specialises in helping the Old People’s Homes, hospices established by Sue Ryder and chronically ill and disabled persons living there.
A person that suffered of injuries as a result of a road accident or a head jump to water may obtain individual support from us under the First Step Fund programme. Details and conditions of aid are presented here (link to the First Step Fund)

We are not able to provide support if someone requests us, for example, for financial aid because of difficult situation in life, business or foundation establishment, bill or drug payment.
To find a non-governmental organisation that carries out specific activity, please visit, where you will find telephone numbers and addresses of all non-governmental organisations operating in Poland.

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