History of the Foundation

Public benefit organisation. The Management Board of the Foundation works on a voluntary basis and does not earn any benefits from their operation for the Foundation. The Foundation was established in Poland by Sue Ryder at the beginning of system and economic changes in 1991 in order to carry out Sue Ryder’s mission and take care of Sue Ryder Houses.

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The Sue Ryder Foundation has been present in Poland since 1956. At that time Sue Ryder commenced her over fifty-year mission in Poland with a group of her Polish colleagues volunteers. She found them among former prisoners of concentration camps, war veterans and their families. Many of them have been selflessly cooperating with the Foundation and have been members of the Foundation’s authorities for years. Sue Ryder could not officially register her foundation in Poland during communism and she donated all her houses to the Polish state.

Only in July 1991, did she establish the Sue Ryder Foundation in Poland on the basis of a notarial deed.

The Foundation was finally registered in 1992. In Poland, the Foundation has an independent legal status and was established by its founder to carry out Sue Ryder’s mission in Poland and take care of houses founded by Sue Ryder and of charges of those houses. We try to fulfil that task. We have full support, even in the form of powers of attorneys, from British successors of Sue Ryder. The Sue Ryder Foundation is the only entity authorised to act in Poland on behalf of the former English foundation.

The goals of the Foundation are as follows:

Provide support to people that suffer or need warmth and personal help because of bad living conditions or for social and health reasons and take up actions aiming at removing or easing their suffering.

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The Foundation achieves its goals in particular by:

  • 1. Maintaining contacts and cooperating with Sue Ryder Houses established in Poland and initiating the establishment of new Sue Ryder Houses;
  • 2. Developing voluntary service for the Foundation and in the Foundation’s operating areas, including training on taking care of old, ill, disabled and poor persons;
  • 3. Arranging for care services for old, ill, disabled and poor persons and aiming at providing nursing and additional related services and equipment that will simplify the life of the disabled or other persons that need to be cared of for other reasons;
  • 4. Taking cancer prophylactic actions, in particular aimed at early cancer diagnosis;
  • 5. Making public and local authorities and society interested in the life of old, ill, disabled and poor people in accordance with the Founder’s intentions;
  • 6. Popularising the knowledge of life and charity ideas of the Founder and managing the Sue Ryder Museum and Archives;
  • 7. Operating in the zone of public duties by selling donated things for the purposes connected with the public benefit organisation’s operation.

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